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Due to its location at the base of the Northern Black Hills and proximity to the Semi-Arid High Plains to the North, Spearfish has a unique climate for its latitude. Using the Koppen climate classification system, Spearfish has a Humid Subtropical Climate (Cfa) that borders on a Mediterranean Influenced Continental Climate (Dsa) as Summers are quite dry.

Spearfish has four distinct seasons, a Hot and dry summer, a temperate fall and spring, and moderately cold and snowy winter. Winters in Spearfish are variable and often temperate as the area benefits from warm Chinook winds that come downward into the valley from the Northern Hills. It is not uncommon to have 50-60 degree days in January and February and snow cover rarely lasts long in the valley.

Excluding sporadic cold and heat fronts during winter and summer months, Spearfish has temperate weather and can be enjoyed year around. A similar climate to Spearfish is Salt Lake City Utah which is also located in a transitional zone.


City of Whitewood Water Agreement

Water System


Financing is available from Black Hills Community Bank, Nebraska Bank and Rural 1st.

Black Hills Community Bank Terms:

  • Down Payment: 20%
  • Interest Rate: 6.9% Fixed for 5 Years
  • Amortization Period: 20 Years

Nebraska Bank Terms:

  • Down Payment: 25%
  • Interest Rate: 8% Fixed for 5 Years
  • Amortization Period: 15 Years

Rural 1st:

  • 15% Down Payment – 15 Year Term
  • 20% Down Payment – 20 Year Term
  • 25% Down Payment – 25 Year Term
  • Interest Rate Converstion Program: Lower you rate down to current rates for $750 annually, without new paperwork or fees.


Tract Y Wildland Fire Mitigation Plan

Declaration of Covenants

Water System Certificate

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Development Owner

Keating Resources

Road Construction & Utility Installation

Johner & Sons


High Speed Fiber



Butte Electric


Septic on site to be installed by buyer


Black Hills Home Builders Association

Black Hills Home Builders Association is a progressive not-for-profit professional trade organization, serves as an advocate for those, directly and indirectly, involved in the building industry and focuses on creating an opportunity of home ownership for all.

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