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Freshly paved road through Spearfish Mountain Ranch.

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What is Spearfish Mountain Ranch?

Who Owns Spearfish Mountain Ranch?

Who is the listing realtor for Spearfish Mountain Ranch and what is the fee for cooperating brokers?

How many lots will be at Spearfish Mountain Ranch?

What is the zoning from Spearfish Mountain Ranch and what is the governing authority?

What amenities will be delivered with Spearfish Mountain Ranch?

When will amenities be complete?

What is the cost of water from the city of Whitewood?

Who will pick up my trash?

What is source of energy for cooking & heat?

How do I obtain the address for my home?

Disclaimer: all the dates mentioned in this document are tentative target dates of completion of different tasks. Dates may vary depending on material delivery as well as weather condition.

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